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Deadair Silencers Wolverine PBS-1

PEOPLE SAID IT COULDN’T BE DONE. You want to build a dedicated AK suppressor? “You can’t do that.” “They’re too loud.” “What about non-concentric threads?” “How will it mount consistently?” “There’s too many variations.” And yet, here it is. AK and combloc gun lovers rejoice. The Wolverine strikes the perfect balance between suppression and minimal back pressure. SO WHAT DOES THE WOLVERINE PBS-1 SILENCER FIT? You won’t have to buy multiple silencers to fit different threaded combloc rifles. The Wolverine offers user changeable thread inserts. The Wolverine ships with a 14L thread insert. We plan on making 14R, 24R, 26L, 15mm, 16mm, 1/2×28, 5/8×24, and 9/16L as well; and possibly more will be added to the list depending on demand.