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Vickers Elite Snag Free Front Sight for Glock, Red Fiber Optic, .245"

Snag Free Front Sight, Red Fiber Optic, Vickers Elite for Glock® .245” .245” height .125" wide Red Fiber optic (.0585" Diameter) Glock® Vickers Elite replacement front sight for 9mm, .40, 357 and .45 GAP calibers Black Parkerized finish Note: .The Vickers Elite Glock® Sight set requires the use of a .245” tall front sight for all caliber Glock® pistols except for .45 ACP and 10mm which will typically require the .230” front sight. Sights may require minor fitting and may not be returned after installation. These front sights are taller than factory Glock® and not compatible with standard factory rear sights without adjusting the sight height. Replacement fiber optic rods found here: Glock Front Sight Installation FAQ Remove the magazine and make sure your pistol is unloaded. Remove and field strip slide assembly. Remove Glock factory front sight with a punch or pliers. Gen-4 Glock pistols will require a front sight tool to remove the front sight retaining screw. After removal of front sight clean and degrease sight hole in slide and check the fit of the new front sight. If the new sight will seat at least 50% tap it in place with a non marring punch taking care that it remains straight. If the sight will not seat you may have to sand or lightly file the circumference of the front sight base. Install with aftermarket Glock front sight tool or 3/16” socket that has been modified to clear the slide. For a more permanent installation use red loctite around the circumference of the sight base. Reassemble your pistol and make sure sight retaining screw is not impeding operation.
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Manufacturer: Wilson Combat
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