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Blackbeards Customs Beretta M9A1 Ancient Mariner Optic Ready



The ''Ancient Mariner'' is a majestic and storied vessel that embodies the timeless spirit of seafaring adventures. With a design reminiscent of classic sailing ships, its weathered exterior tells tales of countless journeys across tumultuous oceans. The ship's name pays homage to the rich maritime history it carries, evoking a sense of respect for the traditions and tales of the sea. Whether navigating through calm waters or braving storms, the Ancient Mariner stands as a symbol of resilience and enduring maritime heritage, captivating all who encounter its graceful silhouette on the open seas.
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Beretta 92FS M9-A1, Double Action/Single Action, Semi-automatic, Full Size, 9MM

  • BlackBeards Customs Queen Anne's Revenge Porting
  • BlackBeards Customs Black Contraband dimpled steel guide rod
  • BlackBeards Customs Silver Trident Trigger
  • Custom black brass Lok Grips x BlackBeards Medallion grips
  • Upgraded Langdon Tactical internals
  • Langdon Tactical RDO optic cut for RMR/SRO/RMR HD footprint
  • Springer Precision Magwell + 3 magazine basepads
  • Installed Surefire X300 Turbo B
  • (3) Mec-Gar 18Rd Mags
  • Ancient Mariner cerakote finish (firearm, basepads, and Surefire light)
  • Optic not included

Restricted states: this model number is JS92M9A1CA. Mec-gar mags can be swapped for OEM 10rd replacements (10rd mags will not work with magwell)

Products specifications
Caliber 9MM